Our Builders

Although Ron Peake’s livelihood comes from building, he is not driven by the bottom line. “I build homes that I can always be proud of”, says Ron. “You know, a home is good for at least 100 years, so with each one I build, I am making at least a 100 year statement.” Ron holds a professional degree in architecture and Community and Regional Planning from Kansas State University. He designs many of the homes that he builds. But it becomes clear that his designs are much more than a means to an end as he reveals, “My hobby is my design work, I make my living building.”

Randy Dean knows each house built by Randy Dean Custom Homes because he foreman’s every job. Your home isn’t just a business deal for him; it’s a personal challenge to make sure everything on it gets done right. He doesn’t leave it to someone else to tell him how your home is progressing. He is right there seeing for himself. That means when you have a concern, Randy will be able to talk to you about it with up-to-date knowledge of what’s happening on site. He cares as much as you do. At Randy Dean Custom Homes you come to us for a house, but we make sure you move into a home.