About Willco Construction New Homes

Owned by Ryan and Kim Williams.  Ryan began framing at age 19, building his first home at 21.  He founded Willco Construction in 2005.  Today, Willco builds new homes and works with Wichita's leading commercial contractors, including Key Construction.  Willco's crew has framed many commercial buildings, including Derby's 50,000 sq. ft. Health and Rehabilitation Center.  Our team specializes in Framing, Decks, Trim and Finish Work. Our lead foreman has worked with us for over 10 years. The benefit to the homeowner, is getting a consistent, quality job, where most other builders rely solely on subcontractors. Employing our own crew gives us more control over the quality of work, and gives the homeowner peace of mind that we are using a crew that has been with us for many years.

Kim graduated with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and continued on to work in Marketing, Graphic Design and Photography.  Loving the creativity of this work, led to joining her husband in the business and designing new homes.

With a design focus to New Home Construction, we work directly with clients to create a home that is uniquely theirs and showcases their style and vision for the home.